Peter has been making furniture since the 1950’s.  He is inspired to repurpose high quality materials that have been overlooked in order to create uniquely beautiful and desirable home furnishings that will last for generations. He has a great love of nature and what it presents to the craftsman.  For this reason, much of the original tree’s character is showcased in his work.

Peter mills wood by hand to create a series of stunning home furnishings, including dining room tables, coffee tables, outdoor picnic tables, benches and custom mantle pieces.

rawwood       firsttable

The wood he uses is salvaged from Redwood trees that were cut down circa 1960 and left in the forest because it would not split well by hand. In those days, the loggers were splitting fence-posts and shingles for roofs.  This material was not suitable for their needs because of its irregular grain patterning.

Below are a few more photos of one of Peter’s latest creations.

IMG_3512          IMG_3533          IMG_3519

The legs of the table photographed above are made of galvanized steel, which was salvaged from a research greenhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been cut and painted, but are otherwise true to their raw, industrial form.

If you desire a “one of a kind” redwood table made to your specifications, we have the materials and expertise to create your gift from nature. Note: all wood has been down for over 50 years.

Please contact Peter at (831) 624-2894 or petermeichorn@gmail.com if you are interested in a quote for a piece of furniture.


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