We primarily grow Meyer lemons and tend honeybees. Our Meyer lemons are certified organic, and are available year-round at the local farm stand and organic cafe of world renowned Earthbound Farm and locally loved Cornucopia Community Market. Our honey is primarily California black sage honey which we provide to Earthbound Farm, Cornucopia Community Market, Carmel Highlands General Store, and Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove. Our honey is extracted during the summer months and is available as long as supplies last!

College NSO week 362            IMG_2484            Summer 2010 407

For more information about where to find our lemons or honey, please click the links below:

          Carmel Highlands General Store, Carmel Highlands, CA

          Cornucopia Community Market, Carmel, CA

          Earthbound Farm Stand, Carmel Valley, CA

          Happy Girl Kitchen, Pacific Grove, CA

College NSO week 325         Beekeeping



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