Peter Eichorn began keeping bees and selling honey in 1965.  Since then, he has kept bees in over 30 locations throughout the California Central Coast. Currently, he cares for bees in five locations that produce excellent honey crops each year. Please see below for the 2016 beekeeping workshop schedule. The four classes are now open for enrollment for the 2016 beekeeping season! Classes are limited to 10 people.

Benjamin, Peter and Janie’s son, specializes in the development of successful edible gardening programs and leads organic gardening workshops throughout CA and beyond (see: Grow Your Lunch). In 2016, Benjamin will also be offering organic gardening and farming workshops at Country Flat Farm! See schedule below for details.

To Sign Up for Beekeeping Classes: call (831) 624-2894 or email Peter at The classes, taken individually, cost $100. However, if you sign up for four classes at one time you receive the discounted price of $300. Returning students: contact Peter for special pricing.

To Sign Up for Organic Gardening and Farming Classes: Call (831) 224-4442 or email Benjamin at These classes are $75 and include a complimentary copy of Benjamin’s Edible Gardening handbook!

Classes last from 9am-1pm, followed by a light lunch from the farm.

Please be sure to sign up ahead of time so that we can send you directions. The farm is located about 30 minutes south of Carmel.

2016 Workshop Schedule:

** Led by Peter, * Led by Benjamin

Sunday January 24, 2016 – Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees and Vines*

  1. Learn Winter pruning practices and principles for young and mature trees and vines.
  2. Tool and equipment care and upkeep.
  3. Pruning for fruit – balancing production and tree health.
  4. Discuss winter fertility management and pest control in the orchard.

Saturday February 20, 2016 – Spring Beekeeping**

  1. Spring beekeeping tips: dividing hives, catching swarms, purchasing bees, feeding, placement of hives, ventilation, ideal stands for hives, etc.
  2. Catcher hives and creating a nucleus (if you would like to make a catcher hive, bring a super with a top, bottom, and empty wired frames to this class). If you don’t know what that means, no problem at all, we will teach you!

Sunday March 20, 2016 – Spring Vegetable Propagation*

  1. Learn to grow your favorite vegetables from seed – saving you money and giving you the opportunity to truly choose the foods you eat.
  2. Making your own seed starting soil mix.
  3. Discuss optimal planting times for your favorite garden veggies.

 Saturday April 16, 2016 – Managing Hives During the Honey Flow**

  1. How to appropriately “super up” your hives in the spring and when to do so.
  2. Pest management – mite control, etc.
  3. How to adequately monitor the health of your colonies throughout the spring.

Saturday June 18, 2016 – Honey Extraction**

  1. Timing the harvest for optimal colony health and productivity
  2. Selecting a harvesting method of appropriate scale for your apiary
  3. Hands-on extracting/bottling (please bring empty honey containers and your supers of honey and we will extract them together!)
  4. Wax processing: using a “solar melter”

Saturday July 16, 2016 – Preparing the Bees for Winter**

  1. Pest Control: use of nontoxic and natural controls for common bee pests including robbing and how to prevent it
  2. Reducing space: timing hive divisions, making nuclei, removing material, etc.
  3. Using follower boards and feeding the bees
  4. Cleaning, organizing, and storing hives and equipment

Please bring your own bee suit, veil and solid shoes if you would like to go into the apiaries with us during a beekeeping class. Each class will begin in a lecture format and be followed by a hands-on session with our bees (weather permitting).


What participants have said about Peter’s workshops:

“I enjoyed the relaxed and friendly nature of the classes, where all questions were welcomed and explained. Peter’s years of beekeeping knowledge was freely shared, encouraging new beekeepers like myself.” -Ellen, Seaside

“As a beekeeping novice, this class was enormously helpful. Peter’s broad and varied experience is communicated in a friendly and knowledgeable way. Seeing how a seasonal beekeeper does it is invaluable. And of course, the honey is to die for!” -Steve, Cachagua

“Not only does Peter possess a wealth of knowledge in beekeeping and farming, he has a staggering love of the land that is palpable.”  -Cristin & Peter, Carmel Valley

“I have read quite a bit over the last few years but until I took your course, I didn’t have all of the pieces. I really enjoyed learning by doing and I am glad I decided to take all four sessions. I would love to take the course again, since the practical part of the learning is always changing based on the weather and what is going on with your hives at the time.” –Ken, Big Sur

“As a novice beekeeper [your beekeeping workshop] was very informative, I especially enjoyed the hands on learning when you opened up the beehives. Thank you for sharing all of your beekeeper’s secrets that come from years of being such a passionate beekeeper!”   -Veronika, Carmel Knolls

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