Welcome to Country Flat Farm! Our farm is nestled in the coastal mountains of Big Sur, California where we grow delicious fruits and vegetables year round. We are the Eichorn family and have been living here since 1984. Back when our journey began, we were searching for a piece of land where we could build a sustainable home, raise our children in a healthy, pristine environment and have a small family farm. The land was pretty much raw and untouched by human hands except for some logging activity early in the 20th century. Upon visiting Country Flat for the first time, Peter Eichorn, the dad and farmer, crawled through the dense native vegetation so he could touch and examine the soil to determine if it were suitable to sustain our dreams. It more than met his expectations and the rest is history!

We built a rammed earth home and have been living “off the grid” on solar power all these years. We and the land are blessed and sustained by a sweet-water stream. Over the years we have provided organic vegetables for the local Palo Colorado Canyon community where we are located as well as having had a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) serving 30 families for several years on the Monterey Peninsula. Currently, we primarily focus on our beekeeping endeavors and our Meyer lemon crop. Click on the “Produce” tab for more information about where our products are sold.

In August 2011, we opened two vacation rental cottages for local and international guests to stay and enjoy the serenity of our unique farm.  Please click on the  “Rental Cottages” tab for more information.

                  Thanks for visiting our site. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our vacation rentals, produce, redwood furniture, or beekeeping workshops!

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